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Our performance is measured through auditing and oversight of our NDT operations. All of our NDT technicians are certified through NAS-410 or SNT-TC-1A, trained in-house and have at least 2 years of experience before becoming a level II technician.

We believe that quality is a measure of planning. We utilize the following procedures to ensure you receive the proper service and a quality product:

• Contract review- processed by Mechanical Engineers, NDT Level III and Quality Managers for every job we receive.

• Sequence of operations- closely followed throughout the entire process to ensure product quality.

• We are confident our experience and qualifications will meet and exceed your expectations.


To ensure quality, consistency and traceability all Merrill NDT inspections are performed by highly qualified inspectors utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. We have provided nondestructive testing for some of the most complex and critical assemblies in the world.

In addition to conventional NDT methods we also provide the following:
• On-site Dimensional Testing
• Welder certification and training to AWS standards
• NDT training to NAS-410 and SNT-TC-1A


As with all Merrill Technologies Group companies, Merrill NDT builds its success on:
• Selecting the very best talent for our workforce
• Engaging, training and conquering challenges
• Processes and procedures that meet or exceed ISO 9001 & AS9100
• Maintaining detailed documentation for projects, ensuring complete traceability and thorough reference for repeatability on future projects.

We provide professional project planning including:
• Contract review
• Feasibility analysis
• Quality planning
• Strategic business planning
• Document control planning             
• Communication systems
• Customer satisfaction surveys
• Corrective actions and improvement processes

Merrill NDT regularly performs internal audits, layered process audits and continuous employee training.