We provide on-site NDT for aviation maintenance crews across America, as well as lab services for production or prototyping.


We regularly perform inspections on complex fabrications weighing up to 200,000 pounds.


We offer MT and PT stationary production lines capable of handling parts weighing up to 20,000 pounds, along with onsite capability.


We understand the critical nature of the pharmaceutical industries regulations on cross contamination, we adhere to a FOD work environment.


We have years of experience performing NDT on such products as weapon stations, unmanned aerial vehicles, armor plating and projectiles.

Utility & Power

We have the knowledge and manpower to facilitate any inspection needed in industries such as wind, nuclear, petrochemical and oil & gas.


We perform NDT on construction materials to verify compliance with project specifications ensuring durability of buildings and structures.


We provide NDT to many different manufacturers across all industries. From large assemblies to small aerospace parts, we can tackle any job.


Our technology and experience in the Maritime industry allow us to properly inspect piping, structural welds and raw forgings.

Steel & Foundry

Every forging we purchase receives a preliminary inspection performed by our highly skilled NDT technicians.


Merrill NDT technicians have the knowledge and equipment to work safe while providing customers a quality product.